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30-11-2016, 09:12 AM
Hi guys,

Got a Daikin with an E2 fault. High Pressure
Models: FDYQ180MV1/ RZYQ7PY1

When the unit is first turned on the compressor and fan start and run for 2-5mins the turn off.
Then the compressor starts up by itself.
Ok so with my gauges on, suction pressure is about 120PSI and liquid is about 300PSI.
As the compressor ramps up the liquid temp moves up to 500PSI and the unit cuts out.
Suction gets up to about 150--190PSI.
I noticed the outdoor fan was not being cycled on.
I tested the HP transducer sensor (red to black) it had 5vDC which is right. Then (white to black) it started at around 1.2v standing pressure and crept up to about 1.9v when running before the unit cut out. These readings seemed lower than they should be. For the high pressure etc.

Question: Could a faulty HP transducer sensor cause the outdoor fan to not be cycled on and thus pushing up the liquid line temperature due to no heat rejection in the outdoor coil and then activating the high pressure switch? Along with maybe a faulty outdoor control PCB, it did have a gecko stuck to the back of it. But symptoms persisted once gecko was removed.
There has been no overcharge or contaminants.

I'm going to double check again on site as swapping out the welded in transducer isn't a 5min job.

Thoughts much appreciated!

30-11-2016, 08:58 PM
Can't find an E2 fault code on our UK site

03-12-2016, 02:14 AM

So I pumped the unit down and replaced the HP transducer.

Unit working fine now