View Full Version : (Noob)Fridge unit was running on vacuum

26-11-2016, 08:01 AM
As stated this is a noob question as i have only just started working in refrigeration and ac.
This person was working on a Zanotti - Actrol fridge unit before me and didn't isolate it properly so while it was on a vacuum pump the unit was running for possible hours when i seen it the compressor was obviously hot. So the hermetic compressor would be destroyed now? he told me it would be sweet so it got filled up but i does not run now? how much damage would of been done?


Glenn Moore
26-11-2016, 09:06 AM
You must never run an hermetic or semi hermetic compressor whilst under a vacuum as this will cause electrical arcing in the motor and burn it out. The refrigerant acts as a spark suppresant when it's running and allows the machine to work in a safe mode, but if run whilst being evacuated it will die. In the instructions for the unit it normally explains this .
Also for information never ever run a Scroll type compressor whilst being evacuated , or while it is running charged up as by running a scroll under in negative pressures will cause the scroll set to run metal to metal and destroy itself, even a simple pump down to a negative pressure can seriously damage a scroll