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20-11-2016, 08:50 AM
Hi Guys.
My Daughter in Law works in a Office where they have a AUYG30LRLE Cassette.

As I understand it the louvers are either locked in a particular Position or oscillate up and down.
This is causing issues for the staff in the airstream.
It appears that my answer of lock off the louvers in a new position
Using the control buttons on the controller is not possible as the buttons are inoperative?
(3 Button above flap concealed ceiling type controller)
In an old Manual I have it states that if buttons 13 and 14 are pressed the operation lock display flashes but the air conditioner will not respond?

Their A/C Engineer who I assume installed the equipment, has advised them it is not possible
disable the louvers.

I have no wish to dispute this as I suspect He is a knowledgeable and competent Engineer.

I have been advised that written on the System Information sheets it states that. -

A/C 4 linked to A/C 5 Control and vice versa.

Could this be the reason why the louvers on 1 unit cannot be altered?
Is it possible on this model to disconnect individual louvers within a cassette?

I would like to offer some positive advise but at the same time I have no wish to Diss! another Engineer.

Cheers Grizzly

20-11-2016, 09:47 PM
Been a while but I think the answer is no you can't via the remote.

The louvers work in pairs with a motor for each pair, therefore anything you do to one affects on other. As far as I know there is no feedback from the louver motors so you can unplug and leave the louver in one position, might need to wedge it in place.

You can block off one outlet but there is a function setting you might like to use to program the change in, think it just slows the fan motor down accordingly. Here is a link to the manual, model is a bit different but pretty sure its because it's not the English model but should do. http://www.ecomfort.com/manuals/FujitsuUTY-RNNUMInstallationManual.pdf

Seems your guy was pretty thorough, looks like remote labels are swapped round from your description. If any doubt just run one unit and confirm it heats/cools. Otherwise you might have the situation it's crossed piped so one unit fan runs but refrigerant flows to the other unit causing the odd freeze up

Buttons 13 and 14 I think refer to the child lock function.

Cheers, Andy.

20-11-2016, 10:19 PM
Thanks for your help and advise Andy.
Sadly I cannot use the hyperlink you provided.
It comes up with Access denied!
I am assuming that A/C 4 & 5 are commoned via the controller?
would that make sense?
Thanks Grizzly

20-11-2016, 10:59 PM
Had them here all along! Have emailed them for a bit of light bedtime reading.

4 and 5 could be operated from one remote but I read it as AC4 is controlled by the remote labelled AC5 and vice versa.

I see now where buttons 13 and 14 are. Child lock is toggled on/off by holding 9 and 13 (mode and economy) so was off the mark there.
Pressing 14 only has an effect if a filter light is programmed in (not factory set) as far as I know and 13 will activate return air sensor read from remote (set via function 42, remembered that one!).
If these functions aren't set then the key symbol comes up.

21-11-2016, 07:14 AM
Above and beyond My Friend.
Now that I can see the buttons and their set-up correctly with the manual you have kindly sent.
I realise the buttons which are relevant are buttons 11 and 12.
The Old manual I was referring to differs!
I will ask the guys in the office to try the louver control buttons again and let me know how they get on?

A Big Thanks.

25-11-2016, 10:37 PM
No worries, glad it was useful!
Only one of those buttons will have an effect, the up/down. No left/right louvers on a cassette so a redundant button on this unit.