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02-11-2016, 02:28 PM
The pictures of Nameplate and Alarm message are attached.

What is the PASSWORD to enter SERIAL NUMBER for this chiller?

Thank you

02-11-2016, 04:52 PM
Welcome to the forum Pete.
There is no easy answer here it appears you have a corrupted eprom registration or something like that?
You are going to have to speak to JCI / York Technical.
To get the codes to unlock the controller.
If the INVALID SERIAL NUMBER message appears,
immediately contact YORK Product Technical Support.
The appearance of this message may mean the chiller
has lost important factory programmed information. The
serial number can be entered using the Service Key.
Additionally, when this appears, an Optimized IPLV
chiller will only run in Standard IPLV control mode.
Optimized IPLV cannot be enabled unless the serial
number is programmed into the unit using the special
password supplied by YORK Product Technical Sup-
port. Once the password is entered, a second password
will be needed to activate the optimized IPLV control
(see Page 263). (Same info only more of it!)
This status message can be bypassed to view additional
messages under the STATUS key by pressing the STA-
TUS key repeatedly to scroll through as many as three
STATUS messages that could possibly be displayed at
any time.