View Full Version : Problem not within the 9 superheat / subcooling scenarios

a a
28-10-2016, 05:18 AM
Can't get the right superheat and subcooling for chiller set 0 to 6 degree Celsius
Scenario seems same as low charge, except that current draw is on the high side. Chiller performing/cooling fine though.

Very High superheat (55 F suction line @ 20psi R22, compressor rating 11.1K). Low suction pressure, indoor TD, subcooling (95 F liquid line @ 190psi, rating is 8.3K), head pressure & compressor. High current draw 13.5Amps.


Read this before on this site and the situation does not match any of these (Also, I don't see this situation below MILD/SEVERE RESTRICTION with insufficient refrigerant) :
LOW CHARGE = High superheat. Low suction pressure, indoor TD, subcooling, head pressure & compressor current draw.
•OVER CHARGE = Low superheat. Normal indoor TD. High suction pressure, subcooling, head pressure & compressor current draw.
•LOW INDOOR AIR FLOW = Low superheat & suction pressure. Low to normal head pressure. High indoor TD. High to normal subcooling. Not much effect on current draw.
•MILD LOW OUTDOOR AIR FLOW = Low superheat & subcooling. High suction & head pressure. Normal indoor TD. Normal to high current draw.
•SEVERE OUTDOOR LOW AIR FLOW = High superheat, suction pressure, head pressure & current draw. Low indoor TD & subcooling.
•MILD RESTRICTION (factory charge) = High superheat. Lowsuction pressure, indoor TD & current draw. Normal to high subcooling. Normal to low head pressure.
•MILD RESTRICTION (with excess refrigerant) = Normal superheat, suction & indoor TD. High subcooling & head pressure. Low current draw.
•SEVERE RESTRICTION (with excess refrigerant) = High superheat, subcooling, current draw & head pressure. Low suction pressure & indoor TD.
•WEAK COMPRESSOR VALVES = Low superheat, current draw, head pressure & indoor TD. High suction pressure & subcooling.