View Full Version : Help! My fridge is not cooling at all

13-10-2016, 02:22 PM
Hello, I have an old indesit refrigerator (model GR 1 400WEU) with a non-separate freezer compartment. I accidentally forgot the door open overnight and now it doesn't cool at all (for the last few days or so). There is no frost in the fridge (as everything has melted since then, the light bulb is working when I open the door and I can hear the compressor running.

What might be the problem? Thanks a lot in advance!

13-10-2016, 08:32 PM
Hello my friend and welcome to the forum for professional refrigeration engineers

Domestic fridges are not my speciality but I am at a loss as to how an extended opening door condition can cause the symptoms you describe.

One scenario that comes to mind is that your evaporator has an extended build up of frost (ice) due to the ingress of moist air overnight and now cannot achieve the right amount of heat transfer.

The first solution I would try is to unplug power for 48 hours with the doors left open and then see how it performs after that before calling in a technician

13-03-2017, 02:26 PM
Spooky...Tsoytsoys problem is the exact same as mine as the freezer door was left open one night and it's never been the same since. I was going to try your solution myself but glad to hear it's recommended so thanks for that Frank.