View Full Version : Panasonic CU - RE12NKX PFC module trouble

14-09-2016, 03:59 PM
Hello, colleagues,
I have some trouble with this unit, I mean it is outdoor PCB trouble, because IGBT for PFC burns a few seconds after starting up. I saw that there is no such a trouble explained in service manual , and I found obvious difference in block schematics of PF Correction.Here is used classic schematic, but in many other types it is different and maybe a little hard to explain how is realised compensation.
So, the trouble for me is that a few seconds after starting up the compressor , when become time to change the speed after initial running 2 small smd transistors pulls the gate of IGBT for PFC to 14.5 Volts for more than 2 seconds continiously. May be 3 to 3.5 seconds later starts pulses of correction . But I do not have the complete schematic of PCBs, so it is hard to find exact where is the trouble. I have a kind of option to not use the IGBT, but I am still not sure how accurate is it to run inverter on about 280Volts DC or less, driving the compressor.
I would appreciate any kind of help, about this trouble, especially complete schematic diagram.
The trouble became to this after electric shock on supplying network. Without IGBT the compressor starts, but I did not tested yet how low would go the voltage for inverter exactly, I just tested it on disconnected compressor I mean refrigeration....
Thank you in advance!