View Full Version : daikin u2 fault

31-08-2016, 01:06 PM
Ohmed out compressor checked to earth all ok
With compressor unplugged 125v ac from each compressor lead to neutral and earth but fluctuating current between 2 of the phases.
With compressor unplugged ran on test the fans run ok but after 5 mins u2 fault.
With both fans unplugged and compressor unplugged ran on test 5 mins then u2 fault.
Turned off for 5 mins went to plug the compressor in luckily I used some pliers as the loudest bang from touching the lead to the compressor that deafened me.
Anyway my question is obviously there is a fault with inverter board but I want to know if usually an overcurrant from the compressor can cause this although meters out ok and not down to earth.
Fan motors run ok from inverter board meter out ok and no history of e7 fault on controller.
I don't want to change inverter if compressor will blow it again and don't want to change compressor if not needed.The model is a 2006 rzq125 (sorry cant remember rest) it does not have a capacitor the compressor comes strait off inverter board.
Many thanks in advance.

install monkey
31-08-2016, 05:17 PM
pain in the arse swappin inverter pcb on them- major strip down