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30-08-2016, 11:53 PM
Had to prat about looking for a chest freezer thermostat.
Question I have is came across this from Mr Tonoto:

Thermostat guide:

Fridge Thermostat: Ranco VF3,VL3: Universal
Freezer/Ice cream cabinet: 'No signal'
Cold out -34c, Warm out -16.5c, Warm in -12c, capillary length 2000mm:

Fridge Thermostat: Ranco VS5,VL5: Universal
Ranco: Compares to Atea W6, Danfoss Kit 6 and Whirlpool WPLW6
Freezers with signal:

Cold out -34c, Warm out -16.5c, Warm in -12c. Signal operation cuts in 5c above cut in. Capillary length 2000mm

What is meant by signal or no signal?

Situation is electronic version broken on a Walls Ice Cream chest freezer so just want to use a mechanical one. Could be a VF3 or a VS5, only difference is the signal bit.

31-08-2016, 12:10 AM
Signal is for alarm output

31-08-2016, 07:38 AM
A VF3 is a basic mechanical thermostat for Freezers that have static coils. As in domestic and lite commercial chest Freezers.
A small tube has been run inside the cabinet for thermostat capillary placement.

Rob White
31-08-2016, 08:26 AM

As stated,

Signal is red light warning at 5C above cut in.

Does not have to be used if no warning light is used on the freezer.



Glenn Moore
31-08-2016, 10:14 PM
Hi Andy
just to clarify the domestic thermostat terminology a little further.
All of the stat manufacturers such as Ranco, Danfoss,Atea,Penn,GE etc make thousands of different thermostats for the different cabinet manufacturers. These stats all have slight differences to satisfy these OEM's demands. So they also make a small range of Service kits that can replace most of the OEM specials to help the service industry.
Danfoss have 8 service kits .
For a Fridge Freezer with auto defrost use KIT No 3
For an ICE Cream Cabinet / Freezer without signal use Kit No 5
For a Freezer with Active signal use Kit No 6 (Signal light comes ON with a rise temperature )
For a Freezer with Passive signal use Kit No 7 (Signal light goes OFF with a rise in temperature )
For a refrigerator use Kit No 1

It all depends on the preference of the cabinet manufacturer which type is fitted from the factory but all will control the temperature . The Signal Alarm Light or Buzzer is a nice to have feature .

All the stat manufacturers have their own similar ranges . Your local wholesaler should be able to give you a cross reference list of these stats to make our life less stress free
Ps when the charge in the capillary tube has been lost some types failsafe some fail open circuit
Br Glenn
Ps if you cant get a cross reference list let me know

02-09-2016, 10:18 PM
Thanks everyone for the replies.

New one turned up today so no excuses. Varifix VL3 for reference.

Also out of interest found this with some photos of the old factory (but can't find the link to the catalogue I had a few days ago which might be of more use). Interesting to see they had a Miss Ranco competition. Perhaps they should have followed it up with a calendar.

Thanks again!