View Full Version : beverage air 112" pizza prep table ice on suction line.... not on the evaporator?

11-08-2016, 04:59 PM
Hi everybody!
So I was doing a bunch of work for a customer several different units, and they had a beverage air 112" pizza table that he just wanted me to check out make sure it was working properly before he sold it.
r134a cap tube system, single evaporator on far right side running from front to back with one single evaporator 7-8" fan, fan works great.
I plugged this unit in at 8am stuck a thermistor furthest away from evap in unit. the unit did hit about 40f at that part but that was with unit set as cold as it could go, along the top rail it would hit 28-32f but the unit never cycled off that I noticed and the suction line was building frost to the compressor, cap tube is brazed to the suction line, what is stumping me is the evaporator is dry meaning no frost at all, but there is a section of evaporator that I could not see, I was just looking through the fan hole. I was getting ready to pull the second panel off evap. ran out of time customer said dont worry about it, but there could be ice on one end of evap.
MY question is if the evap is not frosting and my suction line is freezing to the compressor, what are my possible issues?
if bad airflow the evap would be frozen.
if evap was dirty on the backside (cant see yet) still be frozen.

maybe a blockage in evaporator behind cover that I cant see???
I am stumped any advice would be much appreciated!!

11-08-2016, 06:22 PM
Had similar on porkka lt cold room once, no frost on evap, freezing over comp. found capillary tube had split inside the suction line. Cut couple of inches off suction line to access cap tube and drilled a hole in a swaged tube to replace removed suction line, passed cap tube out thru this hole and rejoined capillary line using very short piece of 1/4"tube, brazed up joints and vacd etc, worked o/k after. Best of luck, my split was within 1/2" of cap entering suction pipe, that was r134a as well. Oh the joys of refrigeration.