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04-08-2016, 10:58 AM
Hello everyone,

I am a new guy who is working for a project on refrigeration systems at university which is about remote controller sytems.

Could you please help me with your experience about the type of controller systems which are used on commercial refrigeration that exist in all around a world, for example:

** LDS {Eckellman}
** Danfoss

what could be the major sytems used on commercial refrigeration in the most-known supermarkets / countries already using ?

Many thanks in advance

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Riccardo Fares
04-08-2016, 01:30 PM
Hi Ulvisav,

for example in Europe the most common controllers that you will find are from:


In Italy we use a lot Carel.

I hope this it will help you out.

04-08-2016, 02:09 PM
Hello Mr. Riccardo,

Thanks a lot for your kind help, Appreciated it.