View Full Version : make your own download cable CTC / TK

28-07-2016, 06:47 PM
you will need a RS232 serial cable

a plug off a carrier stop solenoid for a three pin carrier download cable(maxima etc..)

one end plugs into your laptop or usb to serial convertor

chop off the other end

on the front of the serial connector plug are pin numbers

Pin 2 - goes to white wire on plug (B)
Pin 3 - red (A)
Pin 5 - black (C)

for TK or Carrier grey round Deutsch plug

on the deutsch connector on the fridge, you connect pin 2 to A
pin 5 to B
pin 3 to C

this can be done using red straight connectors, insulation cut off one end, crimped in a bit to hold onto the pins.

If you have the other end of a 3 pin plug (the bit you plug into on the unit - chop one off )

you can make both

total cost about U$10 if that