View Full Version : RM255LASH Quatro cool upper freezer fan not working

25-07-2016, 01:28 AM
When Placed in diagnostic mode the lower left segment blinks on the tens side, everything indicates a bad fan, it also said on one site that it was running slow, the code is 98, after checking and plugging back in I also get an A with the bottom segment of the ones side blinking. I read this as a fan failure. I have ordered a new fan and will see but I also suspect motherboard. This fridge has been nothing but a PITA but since I can repair myself its worth it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. In return I would gladly share my experiences with you all, I am new to this site. Thank you for your input and help.
Update: found the control board is bad, no voltage to motor and also motor bad. Ordered new parts, will update soon.