View Full Version : SR-S2028CVW Defrosting, maybe time for a Raspberry Pi

21-07-2016, 03:58 PM
I have had a SR-S2028CVW for over 10 years, but a year or so ago it started to defrost. The temp reading was showing -21 and +3 (which is what I set), but after turning off then on again, the readings updated with what was more like the content temperature. It then continued to cool for a while.

Anyway, to cut a long story short and as many will already know, it was the fridge defrost heater, which I replaced.

It's now got a similar problem, so the first thing I suspected was the same heater. Having pulled it apart, both fridge heaters have a resistance which I'd expect. The evaporator sensor changes resistance when heated in my hand. The fridge heater does the same. To probe the heater is working, I put 240V on it and it quickly defrosted. The thermal fuse is short circuit. I tried the fan on the freezer side and it's fine.

I've had a quick check of the same components on the freezer side, they all look fine, though I will have a more through check/test in the next day or so.

As I have no idea of the way the fridge freezer is meant to work, I know I can make it work and have been considering throwing out the main circuit board and putting in a Raspberry Pi then replacing the front display with a small screen and an ongoing display or exactly what should be happening (i.e. fridge cooling fan on, freezer cooling fan on, fridge temp, freezer temp, defrost heater on, temp at evaporator, etc). However, before doing this, I'd rather get the thing working on it's original board.

I've seen lots of references to the service/repair manual for this fridge, but have been unable to locate a downloadable version on line (for some reason the only download I could find was for an ISO image, which to me indicates a virus of some sort).

Does anyone have a PDF of this manual? Or advice on what else to check?