View Full Version : Centrifugal Chiller Operational Issues

17-07-2016, 05:55 PM
We are using Macquay Centrifugal WSC126 chiller for cooling Gas Turbine intake air, I am having following issues in the operation

high suction temperature followed with high suction super heat
Suction temperature is higher then evaporator temperatures
Chiller trips on surge temperature protection as suction temperature and Evaporator leaving water temperature difference goes 12F

Frequent tripping at evaporator suction pressure out of limit (suggest any improvement in instrumentation)

Condenser is sea water cooled lot of fouling issues approach remains at 10F not goes down
I can share data

17-07-2016, 11:57 PM
Hi Buddy,

Just at a glance - I'd suggest that your suction temperature sensor is reading incorrectly, realistically, it should be reading within 1 degree of the saturated evaporating temperature.

I've seen many problems like this where "cold" temperature sensors wick in moisture, thus influencing the resistance of the semiconductor.

19-10-2016, 02:00 AM
Hi Matin

just took a look at your data the issue is not with your suction pressure transducer or temperature sensor I suspect the main course of your problem is due to the high return condense water temp @ around 29-30 degrees Celsius at this temperature the chiller will go into a surge
causing the chiller to unload while the chiller is unloading what will happen is the compressor no longer has the lift required to pump the discharge to the condenser so what will happen is the discharge refrigerant will flow back into the compressor causing a surge condition you will then see your suction temperature rise causing the chiller to shut down on high suction surge/high suction superheat.
you need to try and achieve a return condense water of 24-27 degc
also what is your chilled water set point? and do you have the design spec