View Full Version : Carpigiani UC-711 Settings

15-07-2016, 09:42 PM
Hi. I am hoping someone can please help me with my Carpigiani UC-711.
I believe that all the settings have reverted to defaults or just plain got messed up.
This unit was working properly but was powered off for several months over winter. Now it is displaying symptoms that make me think the settings were lost while it was powered off.
If anyone can please tell me what the settings should be, or a document indicating how to determine the proper settings, that would be very much appreciated.

Here is what I know:

Refrigeration works great - product freezes but eventually trips out on AL8 error (Cylinder too cold) - if I don't put it into standby before tripping
Display does NOT show product consistency - it stays between 10 and 15 - even though product is thickening and freezing properly.
Mix Tank Low Level Indicator remains on - even when the product is well above the probe - but no longer beeps.
AL2 error shows up continually - I fixed this by changing SE2 setting to NO (was set to YES) - as this is only a single product freezer - no TE2.

It keeps the product properly cold (below 40) but the display shows around 005.

Here are the settings (my apologies if I got any of the names wrong):
SEt 04
EPt 28
tEU 11
tEC 00
tGU 12
tE1 -04
tE2 000
t1r 000
ICE -30
Con 010
St2 NO
tON 60
tOF 05
bEp NO

Even if anyone had a list indicating what each of these settings are, that would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance. Note: This machine is not being used commercially.