View Full Version : 2 cap tube or 2 filter drier possible?

14-07-2016, 08:35 AM
Hi. I'm working on a 5hp ducted unit. Previously the indoor have a built in cap tube. Unfortunately the outdoor is dead. So I'm replacing with a new outdoor but the outdoor already have cap tube in it and filter drier. Can I replace the outdoor plug and play or I need to remove the cap tube indoor or outdoor? If the outdoor also have a built in filter drier can I add an external drier at the pipe?

Btw the air con is a single split ducted r22. I'm urgently need this technical explanation. Please help.

The Viking
14-07-2016, 02:28 PM
No, never two capillary tubes in series with each other (unless done as an engineering solution and then only one directly after the other).

Which one to remove?
Well you have decided to redesign the refrigerant circuit to well outside the original manufacturer(s?) specifications, you have to do the onsite engineering to get it to work. Sorry but you are well in to the territory of trial and error, there is nothing we can do over the net to help you there.

Two driers in series? That shouldn't be a problem but is likely to be overkill and it will affect your refrigerant charge.

Also, there might be other differences between these two systems. Have you checked that the controls are compatible?