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11-07-2016, 07:14 PM
Hi guys has anyone suffered from having to work on 1 of these displays

Called out to check over system tripping breaker unit only 13 months old first worked on it 1 month old when the exp valve failed so not recovering from defrost (hot gas) now it's tripping if anyone has worked on 1 these are a pain to pull the condensing unit out the compressor bolts get stuck on the frame of the display they are a absolute nightmare anyway.....

When I pull the unit out it will run no problem no tripping etc soon as I put in back on the frame it trips (yea mind boggling) I've checked the obvious trapped cable etc,nothing it dosnt spark or nothing if I disconnect the comp and put it back in and everything else runs(fans,lights) im pulling my hair out (what's left)

Any advise much appreciated

I'm thinking comp going down to earth but does test ok and will run for a few days then trip 

Relay and caps changed by someone recently

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11-07-2016, 07:45 PM
Hi Danny.
Reduced air flow (raising the discharge temp / pressure) causing the comp amps to rise and overloading the trip?
Just a thought, try putting a clamp meter on the comp and measuring the run amps.
Comparing them in the 2 different locations?
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Good Luck Grizzly

Just a thought.

11-07-2016, 07:54 PM
Hi grizzly

Thanks for your reply although this trip is instant as if the bolt of the compressor touches the frame then pop
Very wierd

11-07-2016, 08:18 PM
Yes weird?

11-07-2016, 09:49 PM


Returned this evening when closed and found this:

Electrics on compressor very wet from compressor sweating back on suction cleaned up put unit back in and ran up will return in morning for more diagnostic

cool hand fluke
11-07-2016, 11:34 PM
I have worked on a few of the millennium ones. But not one of them.
With the older millennium ones the putty cracks and leaks spring up all over the place, soaking the condensing unit and the floor when on a defrost.
Worth checking out.

12-07-2016, 07:18 AM
Hi Marsay.
I reckon you are on to something there, I would also realign the earth cable on the incoming supply.
With that split in the sheathing being so close to the terminal post.
It would bother me.

Just stating the obvious now you have found this issue.
I suspect you are already ahead of me on this!
Good luck.

12-07-2016, 06:38 PM
Hi grizzly
Been on site this morning and earth cable is away from the terminal now clamped the run amps and was reading 8amp manufacturers 5amp thing I may have a comp on its way out changed both condensor fan motors just incase as I've had these cause bother before see what happens
3 local companies have been in the past 3 months and have replaced start relays and caps
Wouldn't mind it's a 6 hour round trip for me not as if I can pop in and check on it the following day
Thanks for ur input