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11-07-2016, 03:55 AM
Hello group, I looked around on here and couldn't find what I was hoping for. Does anyone have links or resources to help me bleed the fuel system on our TK MD200? It's on a 2007 w4500, and this is what happened.

The truck fuel tank was low, and it was the beginning of the run so I had the reefer running. I stopped to fuel up, and left the reefer running while if filled the tank. After a minute it shut off, error code 63. The TK dealership in Albuquerque helped me clear that via phone, and the unit started up. However it stopped twice during the day with code 20. Then, after having the unit off for about 45 minutes, it would not start again. It will crank, but not fire, no smoke. I have cracked one of the injector lines at the injection pump (return pinched off) and no fuel comes out when it's cranking. The first thing I checked was the fuel filter when it first cut out, but it was full of fuel. TK told me the system should self-bleed with repeated cranking, but it's not working.

Seems like bubbles could have got sucked up the sipper to the reefer unit when I was filling the tank?

Anyway, our farm co-op desperately needs to run this truck on Wednesday and Thursday, and any help from anyone out there on the bleeding process or pump priming process would be very much appreciated.


11-07-2016, 04:00 AM
I have had the electric pump stop pumping with your scenario,try loosening the outlet from the electric pump then switching on fuel should come out when the pump operates yes they do self bleed ,I have had times when I have had to poor fuel into the inlet side of the electric pump to lubricate it to.

11-07-2016, 01:53 PM
Had this once, no fuel to injectors. My solution was to loosen feed at an injector and l sliightly pressurised the fuel tank with an air hose and rag at the filler cap of the tank, fuel only had 1 way to go. Very little pressure required and unit ran ok after. Best of luck.

11-07-2016, 11:02 PM
Thanks for the suggestions, I will investigate and report back.

26-07-2016, 07:49 PM
Hi group, the answer to this problem was the fuel pump solenoid for the reefer fuel pump. It was just a coincidence that I was fueling up the first time it went out. The actual part looked like it blew up - the garage showed me. Thanks for the input. The system does self-bleed, apparently.

28-07-2016, 06:12 PM
BTW ,it is very common for the fridge to suck up air whilst re fuelling.
I've seen it lots