View Full Version : Inner grooved and finned tubes for condenser and chillers

29-06-2016, 09:18 AM
my company manufacturing chilling plants and we are developing new condensers and chillers for our machines. I want to use inner grooved and outer finned tubes in shell and tubes type condensers and chillers for improving the efficiency of the system but i have doubts about the scaling problem that generally comes in these machines. I think due to grooves inside the tubes the scales might not be able to be cleaned properly during descaling and this may decrease the efficiency of the system. Can any one give suggestions from your experience ?

30-06-2016, 04:42 AM
condenser tubes refrigerant in vessel water through the tubes, outer of tube what is known as low finning . basically looks like a thread , internally the tube nothing easy to brush and clean.
Evap tubes, water on outside refrigerant through the tubes. Internal of tubes rifled.ed like a gun barrel, external of tube low finned. Efficiency is the minimal thickness generated by wall separation, and added surface areas.
Earlier versions had a multi point aluminum internal thing jammed up inside evap tubes to increase surface contact on the refrigerant side of evap tube, minimal success as increased pressure drop across tubes in refrig circuit.