View Full Version : McQuay - high oil pressure differential and condenser pumps

17-06-2016, 07:27 PM
Evening one and all , after a bit of advice if poss please ! I have tried talking to Daikin applied but they arent very helpful with phone advice and that was 15 minutes of my life that I wont be getting back.

Playing with a McQuay ALSE296.3 and found all 3 circuits in fault. Ive got 2 circuits back up and running by pinching a suction transducer and expansion valve driver from circuit number 3. I had a quick play with number 3 before i pinched the parts and it will start and run for a minute or so and then go out on high oil pressure differential. The second fault on that circuit is a condenser pump maintenace alarm.
So , I know its a software glitch but how the heck do you clear a condenser pump alarm on an air cooled condenser? Ive tried using 0003 as a password but I still cant find the relevent bit to clear the hour counters.
Next bit , Im going to try a new oil filter to see if it cures the differential fault. Im thinking of pumping it down and closing the suction and the economiser line , it has an external oil seperator. Is there anything else I can close? Is the comp likely to be holding a lot of oil inside it?

Many thanks , Phil