View Full Version : American Breeze Fan Coil Unit & Thermostat Wiring Diagram Request

14-06-2016, 07:14 PM
Hi all,

As per subject line. I am wanting to replace my thermostats here in Dubai but cannot find a wiring diagram anywhere. I believe the model number is ABC (original). There seems to be a 9 wire cable with 'plug' terminated on the Controller at the FCU and then jointed to a Cat 5 cable to the thermostat on the wall. Here it is jointed back to the same type cable as connected in the ceiling.

It's not clear which colour wires should terminate into which block on the new thermostat I have bought. Honeywell T6861 (220V). I have since bought a T6865 (24V) to see if that helped but no luck.

Appreciate any and all help you can give.