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09-06-2016, 06:39 PM
Is there anyone familiar with that speed controller?

A few issues left to solve.


Glenn Moore
09-06-2016, 07:00 PM
Hi Chemi
What's the issue . If I can't help I'm still in contact with my Danfoss drives colleagues who can help Glenn

09-06-2016, 07:50 PM
The CDS is controlling VZH117 scroll.
I get overcurrent massage when starts.
Megger it - ok.
Between phases - 0.6 Ω
How do I check the current setup?
Is it ok to connect it without the controller to the mains for a few seconds to see if it is ok?

Glenn Moore
10-06-2016, 11:15 AM
Check parameter 4-18 which should be Motor Overcurrent setting

The CDS drive has an in built wizard with the compressor information settings pre set . The overcurrent setting is therefore also preset, so check that the correct compressor has been selected . Also check the motor details on the compressor as Maneurop often use 230 volt 3 phase motors with the drive to enhance the motor

10-06-2016, 12:31 PM
Thanks Glenn.
I will be there monday morning and check all the compressor motor parameters.

You will be informed of my finding.
I have a feeling that when I changed the CDS to 0-10v, I might have changed also something else cause it was working fine before.

13-06-2016, 02:08 PM
Hi Glenn,
checked it all and all parameters are ok.
Checked compressor direct line, got 1320 Amps before current overload tripped.
So, as for today, compressor needs to be replaced.
Thanks for your help.

Glenn Moore
13-06-2016, 06:09 PM
Ok chemi
Br Glenn