View Full Version : Logistic Centre Heat Load Challenge

02-06-2016, 12:25 PM
Hi Guys,

I had a potential customer ask me for a quote for a logistics centre cool room, roughly 500m2, 1/3 freezer room, 2/3 medium temp. Have a look at this rough CAD drawing I've done. The dimensions are rough and the roof height is 6.5 metres. 14156

Now the customer could not give me any idea as to what or how much product was going to go through, the best I could get was meat, fruit and veg. Everything will be pre-chilled so Im allowing about 2 or 3 degrees to pull down over 24 hours. There is two layers of pallet racking in there.

Ive ended up just going for a check figure of about 250watts per m2 just to get a budget estimate to the customer and I'm trying to sharpen my pencil now to get a more accurate load. Any one have any ideas how I should approach this heat load estimation?