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29-05-2016, 08:14 AM
Dear Friends,

I have a question.

Nowadays I see that companies use R410A instead R22 in their air-conditioning system specially inverter systems that can control capacity of compressor by controlling frequency.
My question mean, Why R410A instead R22 or R407C ?


monkey spanners
29-05-2016, 02:05 PM
R22 has been banned in many parts of the world, and is being phased out in other parts of the world due to R22 damaging the ozone layer.

I think R407C is not as efficient as R410A so that is why it is not popular. Even R410A has a limited life in new equipment, some manufacturers are making system which use R32 now. It is all to do with legislation to protect the environment.

30-05-2016, 08:45 AM
R407C is a blend ofthree HFC refrigerants (R32, R125, R134A)and was designed to match as closely aspossible R22 pressures and performance toallow a smooth transition from R22.It exhibits performance characteristics similarto R22.

R410A is a blend oftwo HFC refrigerants (R32, R125) and wasdesigned to provide benefits in efficiencyand system size by increasing system pressures. It exhibits a higherpressures and refrigeration capacitythan R22. Characteristics of R410A permit usinga smaller displacement compressor,less coil and less refrigerant whilemaintaining system efficienciescomparable to current R22 equipment.

As per monkey spanners comments, R32 is becoming popular is Europe for small split systems. I do not see this trend continuing and R32 is only a stop gap until lower flamability refrigerants replace it.

An important point to note although R22 was ozone depleting, GWP value for R22 is 1600, R407c is 1600 and R410a is 1725. Energy efficiency of R407c is less than an R22 system and R401a is less efficient and more efficient than R22 depending on operating conditions.