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01-05-2016, 09:49 PM

New to this forum,

thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me,

I have got a Daikin VRV (RSEYP8), with 3 indoor units (FUYP71),
each indoor unit has a branch selector box (BSVP160KJV1) and a BEV unit (BEV71KVE)
installed in a supermarket, the first indoor unit has a controller connected, which I cannot change any settings on because it is connected to a master controller, there are no fault codes on master or local controller, When I set the master controller to cooling @ 16 deg c all units cool as expected, but when I put the master controller in to heating @30 deg c, the 2nd & 3rd unit heats as expected, but, the first unit does not heat, the fan runs, but thats all, I have changed the BS unit PCB, and re-addressed it from the VRV, but still nothing, I have downloaded all manuals I can find online and they dont really offer any troubleshooting, and have spoken to Daikin Tech, and they told me to check the coil temps on the controller, I am assuming they meant setting 41-01 (19 deg c air temp) and 41-02 (40 deg c liquad line) and 41-03 (nothing shown gas line), this is on the indoor unit local controller, temps seem ok, dont know what to try next, last guy I spoke to at Daikin Tech did not seem to want to help, not sure I want to call them again,

Is there a test mode for heating that can force BS box, or does anyone have any other ideas


01-05-2016, 10:39 PM
Last one I looked at with a similar fault found one of the coils burnt out in the BS box.

Link here for manual, page 117 for circuit diagram:

Check operation of solenoid valves. Lower one is for subcooling and smaller so you can't miss it, no need to bother with this one. Of the other two, one energises in cooling, the other in heating.
Check you have a 240V output off the PCB (spade connectors) to whatever coil, probably have if you've changed PCB. Coil can be swapped over or stick magnet on to manually force open.
Strainer might be blocked if valve clicks open/closed.

Access is through the top panel so if it is tight to the ceiling good luck!