View Full Version : old Hotpoint acting up

17-04-2016, 06:14 PM
First time poster. Issue with cycling pattern. Old Hotpoint RT175DRW3. Cannot find this model in any data bank,so no manual.
Diagnostic is : result of freezer door accidentally not closing fridge was dead in the morning.Replaced defrost timer. Fridge worked.temp in both compartments good.
Unit ran for total of 71/2 hrs. befre cuttting out
Cycle was from start up: 2hrs 20mins ON --- 40 mins OFF ---55 mins ON --- 30 mins OFF --- 50 mins ON--- 45 mins OFF---!5 mins ON---- stopped and did not restart.
not sure where the the problem would be.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

30-04-2016, 02:51 PM
is the evaporator fan ok? or heater? We had similar issue and it ended up been the evap fan seizing

01-05-2016, 07:58 AM
You replaced the defrost timer?
Since you had the patience to record run cycles, my best theory is your defrost timer has failed to terminate it's defrost cycle. Use a flat blade screw driver to gently advance the timer's over-ride CLOCKWISE.