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16-04-2016, 01:19 PM
Hotpoint RFA06 The drain plug will not let water flow away. Have cleaned it but no joy. At the back there is a tray and what looks like a drain hole is pluged with something solid like plastic.
Have tried a long piece of wire down hole but near bottom it is hitting something solid and wire does not show. Hope this makes sence

install monkey
16-04-2016, 10:19 PM
cut the hose before it goes into the tray- some trays have a bit that is cross shaped that goes into the tube so it can furr up- as long as it drips over the tray - happy days- other than that maybe boiling water or blowin down it with a gallo gun

17-04-2016, 08:56 AM
Ive seen some units with this problem. Usually there is two outlets on the tray one of them being blocked by plastic. Have no idea why they do this, but usually the other outlet is free, some manufacturers are getting rid of the rubber plug and just covering up the outlet with plastic.

17-04-2016, 09:37 AM
Blocked Drain? No point shoving a wire down it. I back flush with Nitrogen.
Have the client supply an old towel to cover the drain inside the fridge. Clear the remaining debris with hot Water poured down the condensate tube.

17-04-2016, 09:45 AM
14107There is no pipe coming out. The what I assume is the outlet has a plastic plug. Can I remove this? There is no movement with it. The plug looks like this

17-04-2016, 09:50 AM
14106 Plug looks like this

Rob White
17-04-2016, 10:35 AM

The pipe will run straight as possible into the drain and the
plastic gizmo on the end is a device that holds the tube in place
and helps stop smell.

With no tools available all you have is the thin bit of wire and water.
Put lots of towels around the inside of the fridge, use a small cup
of boiling water poured into the hole, try and warm it through.

Then jiggle the wire in the hole (jiggle is technical fridge speak) :D

If that does not clear you will need to put a bit of pressure onto it
to blow out the blockage. A short section of pipe, rubber hose, tube
or even a straw with the crinkly flexible bit at the end.

You will need to hold the pipe to the hole and seal it with your hand
and then blow, do not suck, just blow until the blockage is removed.

To prevent it in the future pour 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of water down the
drain every 6 months or so and that will prevent the build up again.

Remember blow not suck. :)



18-04-2016, 02:38 PM
Can I force this plug out without damage to freezer. Have tried water,salt but still blocked

19-04-2016, 08:34 AM
Spin the fridge around and remove the screws to expose the pcb, compressor, condenser fan etc. In among the dirt and Such there will be a condensate tray and a plastic pipe attached to the drain outlet. Some drains have two 90 degree bends to align the pipe and tray.

Doubt there is any plastic blocking the runoff tho there could be ice.;)