View Full Version : can a tk 246 replace a tk 430

01-04-2016, 08:25 PM
Hey Fellow Tech,
there is some tech who knows this and i need ur assistance, Please.
I got a job in from customer with a 2000 new flyer with poor cooling fault.replace leaking suction flex, evacuated unit and recharged unit.
Unit operated but still had poor cooling. I noticed condensation on compressor after operating for a while so I adjusted tx valves to increase super heat and got improvement in performance .Later compressor started making noise and clutch started slipping . I removed compressor and found broken oil pump.
I believe valves were flooding system for some time before i was given the job.
So I will replace pump, filters and tx valve.
I only have Tk 426 available to replace tk 430. I found that the displacement of the tk 426 is 426 cc.
What is the displacement of the tk 430? 430 cc???
This difference in displacement is small but i am concern that there might be more issues.
TK 426 was in brochure for a reefer running 404a for refrigeration application.
Please assist???

01-04-2016, 10:35 PM
One thing the displacement is 26cube,and they use different washers on the head bolts a type with an oring built into them,a different shaft seal for 404a