View Full Version : Amana SXD522V Compressor not kicking, stopped cooling

30-03-2016, 07:18 AM
I have had this fridge for more than 10yrs now, last week the fridge stopped working, the compressor tries to kick in but then cuts off, no cooling just the fan next to the compressor works.
I have checked the following:
1. Defrost switch, opened and cleaned all the terminals.
2. The Compressor continuity, with multimeter, seems fine not shorting inside.
3. the Overload and start relay switch seems fine as well. i opened both to check it.

I have ordered Hard start Capacitor, so will try if that works,
Any suggestions, why compressor is not starting?
Here is the Video on Youtube of what it does every 5-10mins

And if I have to replace the compressor then which one should I go for?

04-06-2016, 09:28 PM
The compressor is dead, no doubt about it, so don’t waste your money on any of that Hard Start junk. Here are the specifications on your motor http://www.tecumseh.com/en/United-States/Products/Reciprocating-Compressors/TPA1410YXC?fromsearch=1
and anything you have in your area that matches those will do, these ones for example: ACC GQY80AA, GQY90AA.
P.S. Oops, it turns out the thread is two months old now. Didn’t notice that somehow.