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24-03-2016, 08:47 PM

I have a box truck with split air conditioner in the Box like you would find in transit buses. It consists of a ceiling mounted evaporator and skirt mounted condenser both made by ACT and the engine is running the compressor. What I would like to do is convert the system to use a 110V or ideally 12V compressor.

The system Consists of:
~20,000 BTU/hr compressor at 2k/rpm (Valeo TM15)
60,000 BTU/hr Condenser (ACT CS-2
60,000 BTU/hr Evaporator (ACT EZ5)
and the MFG advertised it was a 58k BTU system

Would it be possible to use a smaller compressor from a 20k BTU window unit or Dan Foss?
The other option may be to get a 2-4KW BLDC motor and hook it up to the existing compressor.

As an Electrical Engineer I am not sure where to start with this and would appreciate any advice.

Thank you,


The Viking
25-03-2016, 02:28 AM
Hi Betonno and welcome to the forum,

I am not sure where to start with this and would appreciate any advice.

Your best starting point, and definitely the cheapest in the long run, would be to enlist the help of an experienced air-conditioning or refrigeration engineer who not only would be able to select the compressor for you but also be able to carry out the work in compliance with local legislation and ensuring a reasonable life expectancy following this minor surgery. (Not to mention that he or she would have the tools needed for the job)


charlie patt
25-03-2016, 08:54 PM
Hitaci make a stby comp that has same capacity as a tm15 on 404 its a mini scroller ive just converted a tm to a 110 volt one for special build on building site i would leave the 12 volt ones alone not a long term plan to weak there available in uk so must be a goer abroad just remember to add pump down or will kill the comp ta