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23-02-2016, 03:08 PM
Hi all,

Looked at a PROFI ICE maker for the first time yesterday, can anyone explain how the defrost cycle works on it? At the moment all that seems to be happening is that once the ice is formed the rotating arm connects with the formed cube causing a release in a separate switch which cuts power completely. All that ends up happening is the ice cubes sit in the water tray!! How is the tray supposed to swing down to drop cubes?? I cannot seem to see any motor that will do this.

Please can someone help or advise on a technical support number.


23-02-2016, 11:57 PM
Never worked on one,but does it have a heated grid or does it use hot gas maybe a electronic board failure

charlie patt
24-02-2016, 08:19 PM
When the rotating arm hits the ice it triggers a micro switch on the end of the arm which triggers hot gas valve then bin drops ice falls of bin goes up fills with water of u go sounds like changeover relay stuck clear white relay or they suffer from h g coil short and fries cable and relay ta charlie same machine as ice matic

14-06-2016, 04:36 PM
I assume this machine is either sorted or scrapped by now but heres a brief explanation of what the sequence of operation in the Profi Ice is .....

Ice cubes form

Rotating arm hits the ice and trips the switch

Compressor goes off, agitators go off, rotating arm stops turning and water solenoid opens

Water comes in across the top of the evap and loosens the cubes

Water makes the tray heavier than the ballast weight and the tray drops

Water stays coming in until all the cubes have dropped and the fingers that rest on the cubes fall

Water stops coming in

Tray drains until its lighter than the ballast weight and the tray rises (ballast weigh falls if you want to be pedantic)

Compressor, agitator and rotating arm restart

Ice cubes form

They were a brilliant and simple machine but are no longer in production.

Parts are also very scarce nowadays.

14-06-2016, 06:33 PM
I remember these, Mansfield Brewery bought a load of them and I had the pleasure of sorting them out for a couple of years c2000. Got quite good at them by the time I left the company. Good machine, different to ice-matic.