View Full Version : Eliwell Control on Flash Cooler.

07-02-2016, 06:02 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have a flash cooler that I bought on Gumtree and repaired. It had a faulty Eliwell EW Plus 961 controller which I replaced with one that is the same. Unfortunately I couldn't get the settings out of the old controller so I'm not sure what temperature to set it or what on/off differential it should have.

The flash cooler has a water bath that has refrigeration coil around the outside and in the middle there's four stainless steel heat exchanger coils that cool the coke or beer and there's a little propeller type stirrer in the centre. An ice bank forms on the outer coil and the temperature probe is mounted half way up those coils and it stands off them about 15mm away.

Is the ice supposed to enclose the probe or is the probe supposed to measure the temperature of the water? Can anyone suggest what the temperature setting and the differential setting should be for this type of machine.

Thanks in advance