View Full Version : Zanotti Uniblock Sizings

01-02-2016, 08:13 PM
Hi All
Have emailed Zanotti tech but unfortunately without response. I finally got round to refurbishing a Zanotti Uniblock. While I have no problems or issues in bringing the unit up to speed and running/commissioning I am unsure as to what the design parameters are for the specific model I have. I found some information on the BGM range and as I can see the volume is incremental as per 7.5m, 10m, 13m, 20m, 28m, 34m and so on.

Therefore does anyone have any access (or direct link) to the spec sheet/archive for a model number: BAS 123T 377F (single phase). If I could find the pots used on the BGM range (Assuming they're still using L'Unite) I'd be sorted. As a last resort I can get the BGM spec (watts/Kcal/hr) and correlate to the compressor but a bit convoluted if literature is available. Manufacture date was 2005.

I can determine it's a low temp unit by the BAS prefix (unsure if this prefix has been superseded) and it's also running on a L'Unite 404a (CAJ2464Z). System uses a hot gas defrost and I believe the charge is .53Kg. Also are any fixings/parts only available from either AFR or Hubbard. Any help greatly appreciated