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19-01-2016, 06:48 AM
Most likely going to be a pretty regular poster on here until I get a grip on this new field of commercial refrig that I've entered! So I'm heading to a job tomorrow morning and have no idea what I'm looking at lol. Apparently it's a blast freezer that's icing up. No idea on how they work or defrost or anything so gonna do some google searching tonight so I have a few starting points tomorrow.

Any ideas on what defrost settings should be? Other than that... I'd look for a fan down... Poor airflow...

Any help given greatly appreciated

19-01-2016, 05:52 PM
Hi Swampy
Sorry for the late reply, only when your post arrived online this morning I was on my way out to work.
I guess your probably at work now?
Any Blast Freezers I can think of work on Flooded Evaps and off cycle defrosting.
Where the "product" is Blast Frozen for a pre determined time prior to it's removal and a preset defrost cycle is initiated.
Some are only defrosted periodically around production requirements.

Maybe when you get chance you can let us all know what you found?

Air flows, product changes, freeze cycle changes, Solenoid / control valve Issues andoverloading of the freeze Chamber are just a few relevant cause and effect Issues I can think of.

Play detective ask the operator "What's Changed recently?"
The operators are always quite knowledgeable about any different things occurring.

They are always one of the first that I try and get to speak to.
Good Luck Grizzly.

20-01-2016, 12:05 AM
Hi Swampy.
all the above by Grizzly.
add check all door seals, blast freezers will suck all moisture from air and reduce air density and create a negative internal pressure managed by balance ports. Leaking door seals adds to the problem, what sort of blast freezer are you dealing with, trolley, spiral. ?
let us all know what you found.