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09-01-2016, 10:27 PM
Not my normal thing but it's my Mum and Dads so got to do my best to stop the inheritance getting frittered away. :cool:

Fridge Freezer, auto defrost, pretty old, think it was bought early 90's.
Stopped working yesterday, had a look today. Turned it on and no life, fiddled the thermostat knob right up and it fired up and didn't miss a beat since. Turned it back down and still running fine. Defrost timer turning round and heaters heating.

It's a nice unit from the point of view that there are no circuit boards, just the thermostat and paragon style timer so would be nice for my inner curiosity to get to grips with the thing. Even for an old model this thing has wires all over the shop, 3 plastic blocks which I take are klixons in the freezer so it isn't an easy thing to tell what is wired to where. Bulb circuit was pretty simple, could manage that one!

Has anyone got a wiring diagram, domestic stuff not freely available as you all know?

Was going to take an educated guess and fit a new thermostat. This one has a feed and two outputs, one for the compressor I guess (which disappears into the freezer compartment ) and another for a heater going round the fridge plate freezer and it also acts as a off 'button' when turned right round.
Does this mean any VT9 one will fit? One listed off The Google is Ranco K59-P3126 but is the main difference the capillary length is or is there a difference in the temperature it switches at?

Thanks in advance,

10-01-2016, 07:53 AM
Frost free Freezer and a visible fridge evaporator plate right?
Thermostat should have the numbers 3,6 and 4 on the reverse side. 6 and 4 are your cool on/off. Position 3 is for heat assisted defrost on fridge compartment evap when thermostat cycles off... or #3 runs a condensate drain heater. ( on the off cycle)
A VT9 will work fine regardless of capillary length.

10-01-2016, 10:12 PM
Hi Mike,

Yep, that's the type! Capillary is fixed to the evaporator plate.

For now I've linked out the compressor at the thermostat and got the fridge running off a timeswitch, 15mins on/off to get the folks out of trouble and ordered a VT9.

Heater is wired across 3 and 6 so not sure where it gets its neutral from. Through the compressor winding (bit like how K20/40 ice machines fan and pump motor goes through solenoid valves depending on ice thickness thermostat) I would have to say. Pin 3 also has a red wire on it which might go to a frame heater possibly.

Going to put my shout out again for a wiring diagram if anyone can help? So many questions, so little time ha ha.

Just tried to give you some reps but need to spread some but appreciate the reply!


PS, my cup is half full. :-)