View Full Version : Samsung refrigerator RM25KGRS

24-11-2015, 07:52 PM
Hi I have a problem whith a side by side samsung refrigerator RM 25 KGRS with inverter type compressor, after a high voltage in power suply the display is off also the interior light...nothing not working.
After pluggin in the red led on inverter board bliks two times after that stays off.
All fuses are ok, no burn marks on the 3 electronic boards. I have no ideea wich pcb can cause the problem also can not replace all 3 boards.
Any sugestions?
Thank you all.

25-11-2015, 08:15 AM
PCB's in domestic fridges are sensitive to power fluctuations. This, along with a Frequency drive on domestic Refrigerators only makes problem solving far worse. Having no display indicates your main PCB is dead.
Whether the VFD has been affected is another matter.