View Full Version : Unisab II sitching itself to manual?

28-10-2015, 05:02 PM
Just a quicky.
Can anyone tell me why a unisab II Controller would switch itself from Auto to Manual mode?
It has happened a few times but there doesn't seem to be any reason. It is a basic set up on a sabroe smc 112s (mk3).

There hasn't been anybody near it when it has happened and has been both during the day and night.

Thanks in advance!!:confused:

28-10-2015, 10:44 PM
Hi Wayne.
Have you tried talking to Sabroe Technical, they are very Helpful.
They don't charge for their advise either!
It's a strange one all the same.
Do you have any power fluctuation / supply issues?
Is this a stand alone recip?
Hence Auto, or do you have more than 1?
Is it set to Auto within the software control settings?
Sorry to ask what may be basic questions to you, only trying to get a picture of your set up.

29-10-2015, 01:29 PM
Hi Grizzly,

No I haven't spoken to Sabroe yet. I thought i'd try my luck on here first to see if anyone has had similar experiences.
Yes it is a stand alone recip. that runs in Auto within the software 'control' settings and we don't normally have any fluctuations in supplies.
We have another identical set-up alongside it (the two unisab controllers are not linked) with its own controller running identically and from the same incoming power supply but this one doesn't suffer the same issue.
If I get chance I will give Sabroe a call.



10-11-2015, 07:03 PM
You could try to take the power from it. I had some problems with one of mine Unisab II. I thougt I had to change the relay board, but after a "reboot" it is allright.