View Full Version : Daikin field code setting

22-10-2015, 12:35 AM
Hi all,

I've got a daikin ducted unit that , when set to 24 c auto over shoots to 21 c according to the reading in the return air sensor. Is their any wy I can tighten up this differential?
The controller is the BRCE 61 , the unit is model: FDYQ180mv1 .

I'm hoping their is a field code setting for tighter control.

The strange thing is I cannot get a reading on the remote control sensor ( 00 sensor) it just shows --? Due to this I'm trying to use the return air sensor alone and not alternate between the 2 .

Im not sure if this is just the style of unit or whether there is a fault with the remote control sensor.

so to sum it up I'm trying to tighten up the diff and confirm whether I've got a sensor fault which is causing the bigger temp swings?