View Full Version : mitsi city problem

11-09-2015, 10:36 PM
I have a p300 master and slave units. Called to them with fault code 6607. Have checked all transmission and remote connections. Next I get a 7117 code. and found that fault was with CNTYP4. Changed resistor with another from another unit but still same fault. Then disconnected all transmission lines on helpline advice, made changes to dipswitches as told and found that CNTYP4 was definitely the problem. Changed pc boards from master to slave etc. and problem followed the main pc board. Obtained and fitted new board, switched on and now I get a 2502-35 error. Drain pump) have checked unit can find no problem with drain. Turned this unit off. Can access 5 out of 6 units on central controller, they are on the display in black and I can activate them from the remote panel but after a short time they go off again.
With the dip switches off on sw1 I get LED 7 and 8 on the master unit and LED 8 on the slave .
Anyone got any advice please