View Full Version : Dehumidifier details (Eiger Doors) Help needed!

05-08-2015, 04:50 PM
Hi Guys
Can anyone help please?
I have 4 Rapid Close Eiger Doors by Union Industries which have Dehumidifier Units fitted above them.
Which I believe are fitted as a cold store package. I have been asked by site to look at them as all 4 have issues.
Can anyone help with some info / manuals.
At this stage I cannot even supply any unit details, other than they were fitted from new. (Almost 3yrs ago)
And desperately need servicing!
Thanks Grizzly
Addendum They may even turn out just to be a fancy pressurisation unit for the pod?

I will know more, hopefully later today.
I am to go and look at them where provided I can arrage safe access I should know more?

Nope! Just checked on the Manufacturers website they are Patented Dehumidifiers!

06-08-2015, 03:34 AM
Hi Grizzly.
are they desiccant dehumidifiers or refrig type ?

06-08-2015, 04:51 AM
Hi Magoo.
Thanks for replying.
Honest answer at this stage, I don't know?
They are a stainless steel box sited above a chamber door (10 or 12'-0'')
With various power lights visible from the ground. I at this stage have absolutely no info on them.
There is a large Munters unit that dehumidifies the air within the long loading bay area.
Then I believe these units on each of the access door dehumidify the air within the "Air Lock" / pod beyond each door.
Basically behind each door there is an access tunnel with strip curtains at the end prior to entering the main Coldstore.
When working.a brilliant system which dries out the air being introduced into the Cold store.
Dramatically reducing the moisture content that the main plant has to deal with.
The lack of moisture does however create various issues with defrosts however. But that's another story!
Access too and inspection of will hopefully reveal what I am to deal with?

Interesting byline my friend, You mellowing with age?