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monkey spanners
03-08-2015, 07:28 PM
I've got a dairy deck/display chiller, the complaint is that the temperature climbs up now and again and i have found the compressor is cycling on the kilxon.

The compressor is a Embraco NEK6213GK and tripped when running around 4.6A, the compressor temperature is about 56C.
There is no amps data on the label but a chart i found online rates the compressor at up to 5.7A depending on evaporating temperature.

I am wondering if the Klixons go weak on these? As neither the amperage or temperature seem excessive, Or any other experience or ideas :D

Cheers John

install monkey
03-08-2015, 08:09 PM
anything can go weak over time- stick new electrics on it- or if its a customer that doesnt pay then new klixon only:)

03-08-2015, 09:45 PM
No experience but at least an idea.

Depending on your customer you might want to wrap some fuse wire across the klixon. Alright, you'd be bypassing a safety and all that rigmarole but if you use the right size wire at least it will break if compressor seizes up.

If the condenser fan goes then perhaps it might cook a bit, but then it would take a bit of a pasting klixon or no klixon.

Otherwise can't say I know too much about them, or most other aspects of cooling come to think of it. Maybe Dean & Wood can sell you a some subcooling, keep head pressure down ha ha.


monkey spanners
03-08-2015, 10:01 PM
Its just had a new condenser fan motor so that should be ok for a while! Think i'll try a new set of electrics if i can get some.

Glenn Moore
04-08-2015, 12:31 AM
All electrics get weaker over time. Klixons are both temperature and current sensitive, and if they start to operate ie trip on a regular basis then they are on the way to a complete failure.
So I would replace the electrics ASAP to protect the compressor.
You can get universal solid state combi relays/overloads manufactured by a company called SUPCO they make a great range of replacement electrics for pots, they even do a series of Boost relays which has an in built start capacitor/relay which gives weak compressor motors a start boost. I have fitted these to many cabinets with good results

charlie patt
04-08-2015, 07:36 PM
Glenn have you fitted start caps to comps that do not have a start cap as standard? Ie to speed um up a bit on start thus I pressume when up and running of they go? 40 uf or 80 uf ? I use the supco 42 to 82 a fair bit excellent bits of kit run um for ten mins check amps if u can keep your pinkies on the relay they are fine

04-08-2015, 10:59 PM
Supco,the way to go obviously clean the condensor airflow over the compressor and good airflow is critical seen many where the wrong wattage motor has been fitted causing problems try to find out the correct wattage

Glenn Moore
04-08-2015, 11:51 PM
Hi Charlie
I brought the Supco range into the wholesaler I worked for when I was Tech manager. The Supco guy sent me a load of samples to try. I fitted them on many domestics good as gold.
A mate of mine the comp on his freezer had gone t-ts up, and couldn't afford the repair. Luckily I had a TL5A compressor that I had fitted on a fridge a couple of years previous, and the guy gave it to me after he scrapped the freezer. So I fitted this compressor on my mates freezer, after it had been in my garage (not properly sealed) for some time. Anyway I fitted it with a new PTC starter but it would not start or run. I then fitted my ANNIE on to the freezer and ran It for a couple of days using the ANNIE to run it, thinking it may be tight and after a couple of days running I could refit the PTC device. But it still would not run with the PTC device at all. I then went through the box of SUPCO bits and found a boost start capacitor/relay kit, for the right HP rating for the compressor. After fitting it the compressor worked brilliantly . The unit was still working some 12 years later with the Supco kit fitted. Really impressed. Never been impressed by much stateside produced equipment but would recommend their stuff for servicing small pots anyday. Seems fitting caps to non cap compressors in the states is quite common. I would only fit the replacement cap/relay unit as its matched for the machine. On several occasions I have increased the start cap size on the small Maneurop machines to overcome high start loads, or low voltage power supplies to get a compressor to start cleanly. Supco do one that increases the start torque by 500% that gets the bu--ers spinning Kr Glenn

05-08-2015, 07:41 AM
Yet more amazing advice Glenn!

monkey spanners
05-08-2015, 04:59 PM
Have ordered a Supco relay, cap and overload combo, fingers crossed its the end of the troubles!