View Full Version : WRV 163 issue? never seen this before (video)

16-06-2015, 10:25 PM
A WRV 163 unit I encountered a while back, been lazy and only uploaded the video now.

I did the alignment, left it with the motor 0.05mm higher than the compressor (was told some time 15 years ago that compressors in the WRV range lifts 0.05 mm when they start running, so rule of thumb is to leave the motor higher, don't know if it's true), sideways and angular was 0.03.

The first pipe is the discharge pipe, the second pipe, towards the end is the start/stop unloading pipe between the oil separator and suction


17-06-2015, 01:10 AM
We normally do not allow for any lift in motor or compressor & align best as possible.
Sabroe say whitemetal bearings align motor 0.05 mm above compressor.
Roller bearing type machine, line up normally.
Most screws with whitemetal type
bearings only have 0.1mm clearance anyway floating on oil film, so both ok in my opinion.

Vibration or resonance you show in video is no real surprise, but interesting just the same.

17-06-2015, 07:29 AM
Hi Tycho
I am like Ranger I have always lined up as close as possible and never had a problem.
I was always taught to line up with a maximum tolerance of 1/2 thou per inch of coupling diameter for both axial and radial, that was with dial indicators. These days with a laser aligner it is much easier to get it closer.
I would think as both the compressor and motor run the expansion due to heat would be much the same as it is the bottom of the WRV that gets hot. When I worked for Howden in Sydney many years ago there was never any mention of the WRV's lifting and at that time that was all that was sold in Aust.
I have never done the spanner test for vibration but I would think this would happen on other compressors as well.