View Full Version : chiller Sogequip P 500 information cooling capacity

06-05-2015, 07:56 PM
Hi, I have problem with chiller Sogequip P 500.This machine have two tandem compressors Copeland ZR19M3E - TWD - 572 who are connected to one TEV ALCO XB 1019 MW-1B with nozzle number B8B connected to one heat exchanger.Chiller have another separate circuit with one smaller compressors ZR12M3E and heat exchanger.Both exchangers are connected to water circuit.Water temperature demand is 10C - 18C.
I have no idea what the device has a cooling capacity.
Also, I do not see why they compressors in tandem with the valve nozzle so little?
This TEV with nozzle B8B is for about 37kW cooling capacity and each compressor have output
about 34kW cooling capacity.
Refrigerant is R134a.
Evaporating pressure when both tandem compressors work is 2 bar and discharge pressure is about 17 bar.

Can you help me?