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02-05-2015, 10:14 AM
hi every body
a week ago while in my shop
my cousin called me in my phone
hurry up your brother hit by car while drioving on his bike
i lost my mind because i thoght that my brother might be killed
i drove very fast
when i reached the accident area i saw many people standing there
i stopped my car and i went to see my bro and to check him
he was severly injured in his face also in his legs and hands
but he was able to talk to me
i really lost my mind so i asked where is the car driver who hit him
i wanted to beat him but my cousing catched me
immediately my father reached the place he shouted loudly on my brother
why you get outside
i told my father
let is go to hospital he said the hospital will not recipe my injured brother without police paper or i must lie
so the police capture the car driver
we took papers from police then we went to hospital
my cousin said
the car driver was picking up some poor worker house because they dont have money for taking a taxi
so he asked me plez release him
while driving my mom called me in phone
'she told me
ask the police to release the driver even if your brother died because the driver is strange and surely he didnt mean that and nobody want to hurt any body>also she said u may hit any one mistakenly
so put your self in his situation and every one make mistake so we must forgive him and not punish him
we reached hospital .and there we found thr driver wife and mother and father
they said we are ready for everything
my father said no need for any anything thank u very much
its accident
never fear

they treated my brother while waiting anther cousin called me
he said the car driver is christian
i really shocked to hear that also my father
christian here are 3% in Iraq
most of them are respectful and nice people.i and my father said if we know that from beginning then we couldn't ask police to arrest him
after returning from hospital
we called the police station and we invited the car driver and police member for dinner in my house
the car driver was a mechanic
and his name was edward
and specialist with American cars
after dinner i and my father apologized to him

my borther had broken hand and hard pain in his legs but he is ok now

monkey spanners
02-05-2015, 03:21 PM
I'm pleased your brother is ok now Kefah. What a terrible thing to happen :(

02-05-2015, 05:07 PM
Thank u pal