View Full Version : Volvo e240 blc

charlie patt
24-04-2015, 07:53 PM
Need a drier and condenser for a Volvo excavator e240blc volvo bits as you would expect bit pricey tried normal sources but drawn a blank any help would be appreciated ta charlie

25-04-2015, 08:22 AM
Had this problem a while ago, condenser was made of aluminium and had some holes in it, got a local coil manufacturer to make me one the same size, saved more than 50%.For the drier I would try car ac supplier as you need the same connections and volume.

25-04-2015, 09:07 AM
Is it the same as an artic tractor unit? Charlie.

charlie patt
25-04-2015, 07:03 PM
No cad trucks bits not a issue but plant seems to be I no komatsu bits are dealer only but hopeing there was some supplier some where to do the swed makes