View Full Version : Is R407F available world Wide ?

23-04-2015, 08:56 PM
Hello All

I wonder if you can help.

I am a marine refrigeration engineer. I am looking to covert some R22 package systems with multiple cold rooms and cases at high and low temperature on to R407C. I recently read a couple of articles in regard to R407F and I like to sound of it.

I have a positive screw pack with cold rooms as cases various temperatures from 0 to +15 C

I have a smaller negative pack running cold rooms at around -20 C

I know I have to change the oil and probably a few times.

I know I will loose some capacity but I have much more than I need so this is not an issue.

My Question is two fold - 1) which gas will be best ? 2) Is it available world wide USA Asia Europe ?

You help and comments as always will be gratefully accepted