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Josef Bárta
20-04-2015, 01:10 PM
Hello all!

I ´d like to ask if there is some general rule for making circuits in the coils. As a proposal engineer, sometimes I make coil offers for the customers, where I calculate performance, losses etc for their coils.

I met a lot of differences in making circuits, in my work, in our mother company in different country, on the websites.

Basicly we have 3 types of coils, Water heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators.

For heat exchangers:

In our technical department they are used to make circuits for chilled water and hot water coils downwards from inlet to outlet – for drain the water, But in the other sources I found, that it is opposite - > coils are circuited upwards from inlet to outlet to ensure not forming the air locks.

Condensers and Evaps

In our company they are used to make condensers downwards and evaporators upwards (for better outlet of gas) , In our mother company, they are used to make it both downwards for to be sure that flow of oil is ok.
And in other sources I found making condensers downwards to ensure that the refrigerant cant go back to the compressor and evaporator is upwards for good flow of vapour.

Right now I have a total mess about making the circuits. Of course, that there are another requirements (as same length of circuits, identical geometry etc.)

Can you give me the advice, what rules or what requirements are the most important to keep in mind for making circuits? What are your suggestions?

Thx a lot! And sorry for not proper english :)

20-04-2015, 02:55 PM
Every manufacturer is building it different.
Important point is the air flow from the cold end to the hot end.