View Full Version : Sydneysiders, need some help! :)

08-04-2015, 05:29 PM
I'm here from Norway to get married, and the wedding is on sunday:eek:

Now at the last minute it seems like the white dancefloor my fiance wants is, well, falling through the floor, and the standard floor they have for hire looks like crap.

I'm contacting a few places that has a 4 by 4 meter all white dancefloor tomorrow (thursday), but we don't have any family or friends that can help get it there, set it up, then dismantle it and return it after the reception.

Reception starts at 6pm, but we have access 4.30pm, reception ends at 11pm, and the floor has to be out by midnight.

Anyone in Sydney who wants to help us out and make a quick buck while at it, or know someone who wants to make a quick buck?

PM me your phone number if you are interested, or post here and I'll pm you mine :)

Heard you were a friendly lot down here, so I hope this works out :D