View Full Version : Whirlpool S20BRSS31-A/G American Fridge Freezer Tripping RCD

01-03-2015, 10:41 AM
Morning Guys

Moved fridge from one location to another now each time it is plugged in it trips the house circuit breaker RCD

Having searched on this forum and youtube i have carried out the following continuity tests and readings from the multimeter

disconnected heater defrost element fridge then powers up, but the fan, compressor etc does not run

continuity test set to bleep, on the fan i get a reading of 232 but no audible bleep from the multimeter :?

continuity test again on the defrost heater element i get a reading of 86 but again no audible bleep from the multimeter :?

continuity test carried out on the thermal cut off after having put it in another fridge freezer we have to prove if it works, i get a reading of 0 and the multimeter bleeps. I have then proceeded to warm up the thermal cut off i then get a reading of 1 and no audible bleep

Any ideas what could be at fault? or is there anything else i could test?


install monkey
01-03-2015, 10:52 AM
i gather your testing resistance on the heater fans etc, rcd protect from shorts to earth , ie nicks in cable, u need a megger or a pat tester to identify whats at fault